How To Stay Postive In Tough Times

We all heard it before…. But how do you actually do it? Stay positive that is… How does this guy do it below? He looks like he doesn’t have a care in this world…
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Why Do I Always Feel Overwhelmed?

We’ve all been there, done that. You don’t know where to turn to, which action to take, and what step to move to. I have a few things on my platter. I need to record a video, get fully audited statements for the charity that I head up, follow up on a super fundraising opportunityRead More


one wish. what would it be?

If you had one wish that could be granted, what would it be? Go back in time and change something from your past? Bring back someone from Heaven? Interesting question if you have never thought it about. I would not go back in time and change anything from my past. I also would not bring someoneRead More


Edge of GLory. reach out and grab it

Yes, it is a Lady Gaga song. You don’t have to message me to let me know the hip cool songs out there. I am super cool and am up to date on alot of “young” stuff, you’d be surprised. But The Edge of Glory remark reminds me of so many things. For one, last night,Read More


Say What Now Instead of What If

What is something you are looking forward to? This week? This month? Next year? New house? New baby? New job? Vacation? Graduation? Retirement? One of things I’ve been looking forward to is letting my grief slowing disappear. From everything that happened over the course of 2007-2009, I’m at point in my life where I wantRead More


Grief On The Water

Puke. Fish. Puke. Fish. Puke. Puke. Fish. Puke. Nine times! Tried to hit ten but the boat finally pulled up to the dock. I went fishing over this last weekend in San Diego with a bunch of guys for a bachelor party. Great time on land, on water…not so much….but was it awesome? Yes- WheneverRead More


A Venti Starbucks With Disrespect

Did I just see that? Really? Aren’t you a grown adult, hot-shot suit wearing guy, in your 40’s, probably went to college, and have a decent job the way you are dressed? The poor Barista is nearly in tears! Had to stop by the Barnes and Noble today at the mall to write a few things.Read More


An Extraordinary Story Of Pennies

By Floyd Miller I would like to share the story of the pennies with you all. My late wife was a devout catholic, I am a non practicing jew. My children were raised catholic and will make up their own minds about their faith. Deb had a recurrence of her cancer that launched her intoRead More


Feel Down Now Feel Good Later

Have you ever thought that it could be worse? What I mean is your life so depressing and sinful that you are having trouble finding your way? Your still alive…You still have time. Your breathing and reading this right? It could be worse….you could be by the seaside in Eastern Japan, no food, no water,Read More

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The Last Seven Pages Book

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Aurora Colorado Shooting Rampage

We all have heard the tragic news over the past few days coming out of Aurora Colorado Century Theatres. It’s still fresh in all of our minds. In fact, tonight I went to our local Harkins Theatres in Gilbert, Arizona to see the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. Harkins employees were standing next to ourRead More


When People Come Together!

First, before I begin this post, I wanted to apologize for being gone so long. I moved to another location in Arizona and have been unpacking! Thank you to you all for your readership! Now, on to the post! When people come together, it can be magical. On January 23rd, 2012, it happened. Thirty oneRead More