A first systems book: technology and management by Margaret Myers

By Margaret Myers

To take on the advanced difficulties of existence this present day, we have to coordinate quite a lot of services. structures suggestions and techniques supply the technique of integrating the contributions of experts, together with managers, scientists and engineers.

The booklet introduces easy but sound innovations and a language comprehensible to all involved. Its tools of approach modelling, structures research and layout supplement conventional tools of engineering and administration. It demonstrates these tools on difficulties bobbing up from daily life, undefined, company, caliber administration and public management.

This introductory e-book is acceptable for managers and pros, in addition to undergraduates on enterprise, engineering, computing and technology classes who aspire to develop into expert challenge solvers.

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12. Label each subprocess and the input and output product of each. Which, if any, of the attributes of the referent change over the first process? How about the second process? According to your estimation, what might be the duration of each subprocess? 12: Two processes in sequence (b-type key) 5. A company has just taken over control of the operation of a poorly performing infant school in your area. You have been asked by your client - one of the executives of the Local Education Authority - to model the school as a system.

The systems representation introduced later in this book complements directed graphs with the notations of set theory, logic and measurement theory, allowing the systems professional access to the deductive rules of these formal notations, while retaining the expressive power of the graph as means of communication with customers and lay users. 3 A First Systems Book Models We know that a model is a special kind of representation: it is purposefully simplified, representing each selected characteristic of the referent by an attribute whose value can be given as a measure.

1 shows modelling at work. The referent - the entity of interest - is part of the world of reality. The representation of the referent is a portrayal of reality in the world of models. Modelling is an activity which creates the link between the world of reality and the world of models. 1: Modelling a referent When we observe reality and form a concept of it, we create its image in our mind. If we wish to record our mental image, if we want to register our observations about the referent, if we want to discuss it with others, if we need to solve its problems in a methodical and formal way rather than by trial and error, then we need to create an explicit representation of the referent.

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