A Primer on Crime and Delinquency Theory, 3rd Edition by Robert M. Bohm, Brenda L. Vogel

By Robert M. Bohm, Brenda L. Vogel

This narrow quantity deals a complete survey of the key criminological and delinquency theories, together with their philosophical foundations, coverage implications, empirical aid, and criticisms. A PRIMER ON CRIME AND DELINQUENCY thought can be utilized as a main textual content or as a complement for different texts, anthologies, or collections of magazine articles.

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Should juveniles be treated the same as adults? Should the insane be treated the same as the sane? Should a crime of passion be treated the same as the intentional commission of a crime? The classical school’s answer to all of those difficult questions would be a simple yes, because the school’s focus is the harm caused by the criminal act and not the specific circumstances of the offender. For classical theorists, a murder at the hand of an insane offender creates the same harm as a murder at the hand of a sane offender and, therefore, they should be treated alike.

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