Aerodynamics for Engineering Students by E. Houghton, P. Carpenter

By E. Houghton, P. Carpenter

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The unqualified term wing area S is usually intended to mean this gross wing area. e. excluding the continuation within the fuselage, is the net wing area, SN. Mean chords A useful parameter, the standard mean chord or the geometric mean chord, is denoted by E, defined by E = SG/b or SNIb. It should be stated whether SG or SNis used. This definition may also be written as where y is distance measured from the centre-line towards the starboard (right-hand to the pilot) tip. This standard mean chord is often abbreviated to SMC.

It is convenient to deal with non-dimensional pressure differences with pm,the pressure far upstream, being used as the datum. Thus the coeficient of pressure is introduced below -Pd c, = (P$pv’ Looking at the sketch for zero incidence (CY = 0) it is seen that there are small regions at the nose and tail where C, is positive but that over most of the section C, is negative. At the trailing edge the pressure coefficient comes close to +1 but does not actually reach this value. More will be said on this point later.

For now it may be noted that induced drag depends on lift, does not depend directly on viscous effects, and can be estimated by assuming inviscid flow. Wave drag This is the drag associated with the formation of shock waves in high-speed flight. It is described in more detail in Chapter 6 . Form drag (or boundary-layer pressure drag) This can be defined as the difference between the profile drag and the skin-friction drag where the former is defined as the drag due to the losses in total pressure and *For example, the Aeronautical Research Committee Current Paper No.

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