Agreement and Anti-Agreement: A Syntax of Luiseño by Susan Steele

By Susan Steele

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Stress in (iii) is indicated by italics. (iii) tuvii-cha 'cloud' w(l(l'i-sh'meat' kWlll;a-t 'fog' If the words in (i) were not segmentable m, indicated, we might expect stress to be assigned as follows: LUISENO FEATURES (vi) 53 'a no 'ahiichu 'amacha 'awaal 'ataax But, in the two crucial cases, the cases with short vowels in both the first and the second syllable, it is the second vowel which is stressed. (vii) 'ana 'amacha There are other Base Forms which occur with 'a- where 'a- is less problematically segmentable, but a discussion of such cases would take us far afield.

The multiplicity of forms associated with a single gloss might be troubling at first glance. The forms are distinguished from one another by their combinational possibilities. For example, a Base Form with -qa is compatible with an Absolutive, but not a Possessive; a Base Form with -qala is compatible with both; and a Base Form with -qat is compatible with a Possessive only. See Steele (1988) forfurther discussion. 14 This brief discussion of aspectual Base Forms presumes an analysis which is beyond the scope of this work.

G. (1988» that the syntax never accesses the phonology is consistent with the distinction made here between syntactically and phonologically accessible category types. But the basis of the two proposals is completely different. 5 CHAPTER TWO LUISENO FEATURES: BACKGROUND O. e. with expressions potentially composed of more than a single word. However, the values available to such expressions are not independent of the values available to words. This is not of course an idea idiosyncratic to this work.

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