Aleksandr Porfir’evich Borodin: A Chemist’s Biography by N. A. Figurovskii, Yu. I. Solov’ev (auth.)

By N. A. Figurovskii, Yu. I. Solov’ev (auth.)

A complete century has handed because the surprising and tragically untimely dying of Aleksandr Porfir'evich Borodin in 1887 on the age of fifty three, while he used to be following with extra special good fortune the disparate careers of musician, composer, natural chemist, and pioneer in women's scientific schooling. As a distinct determine one of the awesome team of geniuses who without warning seemed in Russia in the midst of the final century and explosively propelled that state into the mainstream of global tradition within the arts, humanities, and sciences, it may possibly were anticipated that Borodin used to be the thing of a lot learn. there is not any doubt that the Russian contribution to the fantastic improvement of structural chemistry within the final century has tended to be underplayed, whereas that during the remainder of Europe has bought even more cognizance. One wonders, particularly, even if Borodin's identify will possibly not have seemed within the chemical pantheon, as have these of Mendeleev, Markovnikov, Menshutkin, and lots of different Russians, if the aldol condensation, which he used to be the 1st to find and examine, have been named the Borodin condensation. Straightening out the list is critical; Figurovskii and Solov'ev's biography does a lot during this recognize. simply as meritorious were the scholarly and exhaustive efforts of Professors Charlene Steinberg and George B. Kauffman, who've made the Russian textual content obtainable to the Western international of their actual and engrossing translation.

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Isis. 60: 226-231 (1969)]. - T. Chapter 5 Travel in Europe The International Congress of Chemists in Karlsruhe was an extremely important event in the history of chemistry. Until the middle of the last century complete disorder reigned in the explanations and interpretations of basic chemical ideas (atom, molecule, equivalent). Never-ending arguments among chemists concerning these questions were stirred up by the principal difference between the spokesmen of the two chemical theories: the old electrochemical theory, established during the 1820's by Jons Jacob Berzelius, and the new unitary theory, proposed by Charles Frederic Gerhardt and Auguste Laurent.

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