Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy by K. Siegbahn

By K. Siegbahn

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II 43 INTERACTION OF y-RADIATION W I T H MATTER TABLE 2 24 b2y P r a t t Photoelectric absorption coefficients for15 the Κ shell obtained H u l m e et al. 61 the atom and uses plane waves for the wave function of the photoelectron, and neglecting the binding of the Κ electrons Heitler * obtained 5 4 2 T = φο Ζ α 2* (mc /hvf . (11) A K 2 2 2 Here τκ in the α is the cross section in units of cm /atom for photoelectric absorption 2 2 atom with atomic number Ζ, ç>o=frcro with ro=e /mc 9 Κ shell of an α = ϊ| 7= 2ne /hc9 mc is the electron rest mass energy, and hv is the energy of the incident 16 photon.

Relative angular distribution o f back-scattered electrons for normal incidence: 4 a) P b foils o f various thicknesses, b) Saturation for A l , C u , and P b . T h e curve called V is the s a m e as N o . 6 from Fig. 6 CH. I 11 INTERACTION OF ELECTRONS 2 . 1 . ENERGY LOSS DUE TO INELASTIC COLLISIONS The interaction of the incident electrons with the atomic electrons in the foil is characterized by the fact that the energy transferred to the atoms per collision is very small. Even for very high primary energies excitation is more probable than ionization, and the resulting secondary electrons have a mean kinetic energy of only a few eV.

K N O P A N D W . 30 M e V . F r o m Jesse and S a d a u s k i s . 95I I I I 1 1 I 0 1 2 3 A 5 6 E n e r g y in MeV Fig. 35. 7 2a s s u m e d t o be independent T h e energy per i o n pair w in air c o m p a r e d with that in argon o f velocity. F r o m Jesse and S a d a u s k i s . with the value w for electrons shows agreement for the noble gases while for the other 1 gases the values are8slightly higher than for electrons. A theoretical discussion has been given by F a n o . 81 U . F a n o , Phys.

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