Amnesty International. The Human Rights Story by J. Power (Auth.)

By J. Power (Auth.)

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Amnesty International have published a taped interview with the former prisoner. He describes h o w he was held in Huehuetenango Military Base and tortured by being pulled up by his testicles and hooded with the rubber inner tube of a tire lined with quicklime. His testimony is terrifying in its simple directness. Before my very eyes they killed three people; they strangled them. The way they killed them was with a piece of rope, a kind of noose, which they put round the neck and then used a stick to tighten it like a tourniquetfrom behind—handcuffed, and with their heads helddcwn in the trough.

Interrogations lasted from nine to twenty-four hours, without a pause, while the prisoners, who had to kneel, were punched with clenched fists in the face and were also kicked. I was witness to some prisoners having to kneelfor six days 40 without sleep and food. One prisoner had to stand up under interrogation, which lasted twenty-four days, with only six hours* pause during the day. Amnesty has published side by side t w o photographs of the seventeen-year-old son of the Paraguayan doctor, painter, and philanthropist D r .

If he is still alive, he would be twenty-three. But those w h o have desperately tried to obtain information about him n o w fear that he may have died in prison. In South Africa, since the schoolboy protests that triggered off the Soweto riots in which 400 died in 1976, there have been an increasing n u m b e r of cases of children being locked up. They are often detained without trial under the Terrorism Act. There are well-confirmed reports that they have been interrogated and brutally treated by the police.

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