Analytical Chemistry of the Actinide Elements by Alfred J. Moses

By Alfred J. Moses

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S . Government Printing Office, Washington, 1955. 3. F . S. GRIMALDI, I. M A Y , M . H . FLETCHER and J. S. Geo. Surv. Bull. No. 1006, Washington, 1954. 4. W. F . HILLEBRAND and G. E. F . , John Wiley, New York, 1953. 5. C. J. RODDEN and J. C. ), Analytical Chemistry of the Manhattan Project, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1950. 6. W. R. SCHOELLER and A. R. , Hafner Publishing, New York, 1955. 7. A. A. NOYES and W. BRAY, A System of Qualitative Analysis for the Rare Elements, Macmillan, London, 1948. 8.

3 SUMMARY OF COPRECIPITATIONS OF ACTINIDES Carrier LaF3 A+3, A+4 Hydroxides lodates Oxalates Zr phenylarsonate Phosphates A+3, A+\ A+5, A+6 Note: A = actinide. Ions not carried Ions carried A+4 A+3, A+4 A+4 Ac+3, A+4 Pa+5, U+ 6 , Np+ 5 · +e, Pu+ e , Am+5· +6 A + 6 A+5, A+6 A+3, A+5, A+e A+3 SEPARATIONS 27 La+3, Fe+3, Bi+3, Th+4, and Zr+4 in the coprecipitation on LaF 3 , Fe(OH)3, BiP0 4 and La 2 (C 2 0 4 ) 3 . Peroxides of Pu+4, Th+4, Ce+4, Zr+4, Np+4 and Pa+5 can be precipitated from slightly acid solution by addition of hydrogen peroxide.

Facchini et al? suggest the suspension of finely divided mineral in water containing silicate or gelatin (ratio adhesive-mineral of 1:5) and applying suspension containing 3-20 mg of total solids to a disc of 14 cm diameter for subsequent analysis in a grid chamber. With the aid of a rather large grid chamber, Facchini et all· obtained results having an error of less than a few per cent for samples containing as little as 0-1% uranium. Based on a detailed study on the application of alpha spectrometry to the analysis of minerals, Garavelli5 recommends suspension of the ground mineral in methanol and subsequent application of the suspension to the counting disc.

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