Antitumour and Antiviral Substances of Natural Origin by Edward S. Meek M D, Ch B, MRC Path (auth.)

By Edward S. Meek M D, Ch B, MRC Path (auth.)

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On this basis a Vaccines 43 number of attempts have been made to suppress neoplasms by immunological means. Two types of response are to be considered-cellular and humoral. Resistance to tumours is mediated mainly by sensitised lymphocytes; serum antibody is an uncertain factor. In some conditions, antibodies enhance the growth of malignant cells rather than suppressing it; this effect probably stems from the coating of the tumour cells with antibody which in turn inhibits attack upon them by sensitised lymphocytes.

A number of inhibitors were prepared by mild tryptic digestion from aorta, tendon and muscle of chickens by PARSHLEY (1965). On testing for effects against 25 primary growths of human tumours in vitro, considerable antitumour activity was demonstrated in a number of cases; these preparations were particularly effective against sarcomas. STEPHENS (1964) found that albumen and associated material from eggs reduced the growth of certain experimental tumours, and apparently affected the extent of their differentiation.

1963) although depolymerisation of DNA has been reported by GAUSE (1963). Mitomycin C has three functional groups-aminoquinone, carbamate and aziridine (KNOCK, 1967). WEISSBACH and LISIo (1965) showed that the reduced forms of mitomycin C and porfiromycin were attached to DNA in vitro in the ratio of one mitomycin molecule to every 500 nucleotide residues. LIPSETT and WEISSBACH (1965) found that the guanine residues were alkylated four times as often as other bases. It seems that RNA also is alkylated by reduced porfiromycin (WEISSBACH and LISIo, 1965), and that the drug attaches itself to ribosomes.

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