bang BANG by Lynn Hoffman

By Lynn Hoffman

Paula Sherman embarks upon a one-woman quest to alter the USA, finally changing into nationwide hero and villain, enforcer and outlaw, lover and chief, in this provocative, darkly intriguing story. while a bungled armed theft will get Paula's good friend killed correct in entrance of her, she reveals herself propelled to nationwide cognizance as her phrases and picture are stolen and utilized in a pro-handgun election crusade. Mousy little Paula is not any longer simply an overworked waitress with a gorgeous making a song voice—she has develop into an emblem for the violence that she detests. The pro-gun propaganda provides her an idea that may rework her, redeem her identify and her photo, and alter the best way a complete kingdom talks approximately handgun violence.

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His baggy cotton pants are faded gray and he is wearing a pair of loose navy blue shorts over them, covering their nakedness. His glasses are held on with an elastic band that cinches a head of curly blue-black hair. He slows his pace to speak to her. Paula recognizes him. She’s seen him around the neighborhood, all pinstripes and Burberry, on his way home from work as she’s been going in. Small double take, the new context lets her smile. She whips the earmuffs off, tucks them beneath her arms. Her ears begin to sting.

Here and there are outbreaks of false jollity. A woman passes with a sprig of mistletoe, a parasitic plant with poisonous berries, pinned to her lapel. Cardoso wonders where she expects to be kissed. There is, in spite of the weather, a warm whiskyish tone to the night. A half an hour later and half a block east on Pine, a costumed person on stilts is handing out coupons in front of a storefront bar. He is wearing a shiny blue blazer and red and white striped pants. His shirt is red flannel with tiny white buttons and his hat is soft and red with a fur band at the brow and a tuft of fur at the end of its dangling point.

An egg drop nebula of teeth-grinding rage. It will keep Paula company through the night, light her up, make her glow. She would sing to it if she could, but she can’t. Voiceless since Tom died. Just before dawn, she howls once. She doesn’t even wonder if the neighbors heard. She squeezes grunts and moans out against clenched teeth, locked jaw. Her fists pound the bed. She thinks she’s dying and quite the opposite will be true. 28 ■ L Y N N H O F F M A N 7. ” The second voice is Paula’s, her words are precise and rehearsed.

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