Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

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You must install TCP/IP before you can continue if it is not already on your computer. ) In Windows, this will be under your Control Panel ➪ Network Settings, and in Linux, this is under your /proc filesystem. Testing Your Installation As with the other applications, it’s a good idea to test your installation. You can do this from a DOS prompt so that you can view any error messages your MySQL server encounters. Follow these steps to test your installation: 1. For Windows 95/98/Me, at the DOS prompt, change directories until you are in the MySQL server main directory (the default is c:\mysql\bin\).

Then get out of MySQL again and reset the users by entering the following: mysql> quit c:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root reload c:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root password mysqlpass 7. ” 8. To reconnect to the server, try your new password: C:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysql -h localhost -u root -p You will be prompted for your password; in this case, enter “mysqlpass” or whatever you chose for your root password. You should then see the prompt shown in Figure 1-10. cnf file, which you can open with any text editor, such as Notepad, is the main file that MySQL uses to read configuration options you have set up in your installation.

Locate the section of the file that resembles this text: Note that from this point forward you must specifically allow particular features to be enabled - so if something’s not working as you might expect, make sure that you have specifically enabled it below. # # This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to. # 4. Change the last line of this section to 5.

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