Behaviour of materials by Moussa Karama; Joël Alexis

By Moussa Karama; Joël Alexis

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Introduction The demand for high performance damping materials is rapidly and continuously growing in a variety of aerospace, mechanical and civil systems. Damping is an important parameter for vibration control, fatigue endurance, impact resistance, etc. Although the damping of composite materials is not very high; it is significantly higher than that measured for most usual metallic materials. At the constituent level, the energy dissipation in fibre reinforced composites is induced by different mechanisms such as the fibre- matrix interface, the damping due to defects or damage, etc.

C. Lima, F. P. de Lima. International Thermal Spray Conference-ASM International-TSS ITSC 2004, São Paulo / Brazil. [14] M. Factor, I. Roman. Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 132 (2000) Issues 2-3, pp181193. [15] D. Chicot, P. Démarécaux, J. Lesage. Thin Solid Films, 283 (1996) 151-157. Key Engineering Materials Vol. Bergheul3, * *Laboratoire des sciences aéronautique, département d’aéronautique. Université Saad Dahleb, BP 270 route de soumaa, Blida, Algérie. fr Keywords : Asymmetrical environment, Moisture concentration, Hybrid Composite.

L: the length of the beam. S: the section of the beam. ρ: the density. K G  B T K des B M G  B T M des B (1) Where:  B is the Boolean matrix.  Kdes and Mdes are unassembled matrix, they contain only elementary matrix of mass and stiffness.   K 1 0  K des   e N   0  K e    (2) 36 Behaviour of Materials   M 1 0  M des   e N   0  M e    (3) Resolution of the eigenvalue problem We have two cases where the structure is:  Undamaged,  Damaged. The equation of motion (undamped and free vibration):  m q t   k q t   0 (4) The equation (4) can be written in matrix form: M  q   K q  0  (5)   With:  q: the vector of degrees of freedom,  For the first case [K] = [KG],  For the second case [K] = [KGD].

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