Biliteracy and Globalization: English Language Education in by Viniti Vaish

By Viniti Vaish

This e-book analyzes how the city deprived within the urban of latest Delhi examine English. utilizing qualitative equipment the writer discusses the pedagogy, texts and contexts within which biliteracy happens and hyperlinks English language educating and studying in India with the wider social approaches of globalization.

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Indd 29 18/01/2008 19:54:17 30 Biliteracy and Globalization have to points on the continua, the fuller their biliterate development (see also Hornberger, 1990b). This contention is based on the three dimensionality of the model and the nestedness of its parts that allow a learner easy access to any and all parts given the appropriate pedagogy, curriculum and biliteracy event. Related terms that have currency today are multimodal literacy (Kress, 2003), which is literacy based on the affordances of a web page, gesture, sound and other semiotic symbols including script, new literacies that one finds in cyberspace or workplace (Lankshear & Knobel, 2003) and finally multiliteracies (Cope & Kalantzis, 2000).

There are three main government bodies involved in the development of Hindi: (1) The Central Hindi Directorate and the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (in the Ministry of Education, now called Ministry of Human Resource Development). (2) Official Language Commission (in the Ministry of Law). (3) Hindi Training Scheme (in the Home Ministry). In interviewing officials in these organizations DasGupta (1977: 59) found that their top-level goal was ‘increased lexical stock and energetic dissemination and use’.

The banking giant HSBC is moving 4000 jobs involving processing work and telephone enquiries to India, China and Malaysia. This move follows similar moves by British Telecom, Goldman Sachs, Abbey National and Prudential to outsource work to Asian economies to save costs (The Straits Times, 2003a: 7). This Straits Times article commented that ‘In the past decade, India has emerged as a new hub for call centre operations because of its large number of well-educated, English speaking young people and low labor costs’.

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