Biology and Pathology of Nerve Growth by H. Mei Liu (Eds.)

By H. Mei Liu (Eds.)

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Paraffi n section . Ç & Å stain . X 500 . vou s syste m an d t o gai n insigh t int o th e basi c mechanism s responsibl e for axon gli a interactio n an d thei r growt h behavior . Th e concep t of chemotropis m a s th e guidin g principl e of neura l organizatio n was firs t propose d b y Ramo n y Caja l befor e th e tur n of th e century . Althoug h th e concep t suffere d a sever e setbac k durin g th e earl y par t of th e century , th e ide a of axon-gli a interactio n a s a n essentia l developmenta l ste p ha s gaine d in - III .

15) . At thi s stage , th e neura l tub e is mad e u p of a singl e laye r of radia l gli a inter mingle d wit h neuroblas t precursors ; th e latte r ar e situate d nea r th e lumen . Th e Fig . 15 . Transvers e sectio n o f a 2-day-ol d chic k embry o showin g th e neura l cres t cell s (arrows ) in th e proces s o f detachin g fro m th e dorsu m o f th e neura l tube . X 400 . III . ORGANIZATIO N O F TH E PERIPHERA L NERVOU S SYSTE M 41 dorsa l an d ventra l wall s of th e neura l tub e ar e thinne r tha n th e latera l region s of th e neura l tube .

Applyin g Raven' s technique , LeDouari n an d co-worker s (1977 ; LeDouari n an d Teillet , 1974 ) transplante d segment s of th e neura l tube , prio r t o neura l cres t migration , fro m quai l t o chic k embryo s of comparabl e age . Th e neura l cell s fro m th e graf t migrate d in th e hos t in a norma l manner . Th e prominen t nucleol i of th e quai l cel l rende r it readil y distinguishabl e fro m chic k cell s s o tha t it ca n b e use d a s a marker . I n thi s way , th e fina l distributio n of th e grafte d quai l neura l cres t wa s studied .

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