Boas (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) by Doug Wagner

By Doug Wagner

Boas are thought of by means of many to be the main appealing of all snakes, yet simply because they originate within the tropics they require exact care once they are saved and bred in captivity. This ebook stresses the significance of conserving right dwelling stipulations for the boa, describes easy anatomy, and advises on deciding to buy, feeding, breeding, and normal wellbeing and fitness care.

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The capillary interface with interstitial fluids appears to be comparatively 'leaky' and fluids shift readily between the vascular and extravascular compartments, subject to physiological controls. Partly because of these attributes, reptiles can regulate blood (plasma) volume quite well (Lillywhite and Smith, 1981; Smits and Kozubowski, 1985). On the other hand, animals may be subject to oedema due to excess capillary filtration when capillary pressures are high because of arterial hypertension -----'1 1 "---_ _ _ _ _ _R_E_S_P_IRA_T_I_O_N_A_N_D_C_I_R_C_U_L_A_T_I_O_N_ _ _ _ _ or gravity stress.

1982) Temperature, physiology, and the ecology of reptiles, in Biology of the Reptilia, Vol. 12, Physiology C, Physiological Ecology, (eds C. R. Pough), Academic Press, New York, pp. 25-91. B. D. (1979) Integrating thermal physiology and ecology of ectotherms: a discussion of approaches. American Zoologist, 19, 35766. E. (1961) Blood volume parameters of a poikilothermal animal in hypoand hyperthermia. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 108,231-4. E. A. (1965) Blood volume in alligators during I 27 ~_28__~1 ~I ________ P_H_Y __ SI_O_L_O_G_Y __A_N_D__ FU __ N_C_T_IO_N_A __ L_A_N_A_T_O_MY __________~ prolonged hypothermia.

Previously, all squamate reptiles were considered to be uricotelic (Minnich, 1979). , 1985). The above considerations underscore the importance of water provision, even for aquatic species that might possess adaptations for water conservation such as salt glands. Evidently, natural populations of A. granulatus in marine habitats obtain fresh water from surface lenses that are formed by periodic rainfall (Lillywhite and Ellis, 1994). Such dependence may be more common than previously thought (see review by Mazzotti and Dunson, 1989).

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