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A civilization that began thousands of years ago. A civilization that reached its peak two centuries back. " He waited, his eyes sweeping the group, and there was a faint murmur of agreement. "We have a responsibility here," he went on. "A responsibility to the future. We must keep our way of life intact, uncontaminated from other sources. " This time the murmur was a definite assent. "Now," he said, and the word cracked like a whip. "Someone has contacted these people from beyond space. " He indicated the lamp with controlled fury.

When she brought me back, that's when our radar boys picked up the flier on their screens. No wonder it rocked them. " asked Jill. " "The things in an old museum. Out in central Victoria. Vern knew where it was. We flew out and—" He stopped speaking as Jill drew back from him, her face looking pale and somehow smaller. " she said. "Yes. Vern from Adaminaby. He—" "But he was killed! I heard it. " She stood up. " "They said he was killed. " "I don't think he killed him, Jill," said Ev. "But you know I didn't," he almost shouted, turning to Ev.

Even the woman would be slightly taller than me, I'd say. Perfect skin, both of them. No wrinkles. No crepe. And yet they've been round for more than a century. Anyway, I sounded them out about the possibility of treating three of us to stop ageing. They didn't knock me back—but there are some conditions…" "Conditions? " asked Jill. "For one thing, they wouldn't make us immortal and leave us here. " "We couldn't do that. " Jill exchanged frightened glances with Ev. Roy looked from one to the other.

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