Buddhist Studies in Honour of I.B. Horner by L. Cousins, A. Kunst, K.R. Norman

By L. Cousins, A. Kunst, K.R. Norman

Buddhist reports in Honour of I.B. Horner

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K. Warder,lndilln Buddhism, Delhi 1970, p. 291 foil. 27 As I doubt the correctness of the Sanscritization -tva, I would prefer the form -satta to that in -sattva. e. the derivation from the root saflj-, at least seems worth consideration (rejected on not very satisfactory arguments by P. Oltramare, La theosophie bouddhique, Paris 1923, p. 250). A great many ancient and modern renditions,analyses and reflections from East and West are mentioned by Har Dayal in his monograph The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhist Sanskrit Literature, London 1932 (2Delhi 1970), pp.

35 Vide Frauwallner, op. , p. 85. S. ; Haribhadra, SOstraviirttiisamuccaya, vs. 1; Hemacandra, Anyayogavyavacchedadviitrimsikii, Bombay 1933, vs. a in his SYiidviidamafljarl ad iocum. 37 The Say Vrtti I 28b 5 calls its adherents ~~Q/}ika-paflca-skandha-viidins. z SOkyodayaS ca. Te~am iitmOiva nasti, kutas tat-kriyii taj-janito karlna-bandhah? (Vrtti I 218b 7) and similarly elsewhere. 39 Thus V~tti I 219b 7 on Say i,12,5'instead of Buddha-siisana-proktiil) (Cul},:,i). Two good Sfiy Mss. read Buddha-siisane, which is possible as well.

V. aho. For similar forms of obliquus of feminine i-stems cf. Saddaniti (ed. Helmer Smith), p. 448, note c. 20 Edition crmumadassikii. Cf. CPD I, p. 235, and the parallel in Vimanavatthu IV,S, 7. 211 for the prototype of these stanzas. 22 The approximate size of the leaf can be calculated from the reconstruction of the text of the first lines of this leaf, ed. Bechert, Bruchstilcke, pp. , 264 and the few better preserved leaves of this manuscript (loc. , pp. ). 23 For the use of the ablative case in phaliiny acamadiinata/;l, cf.

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