Carbon-13 NMR of Flavonoids by P.K. Agrawal

By P.K. Agrawal

This particular treatise is written for chemists who're no longer NMR spectroscopists yet who desire to use carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy. It indicates why dimension of carbon-13 NMR is required and explains how the strategy can - or should still - be used for fast characterization of flavonoids, some of the most various and common teams of typical constituents.

The first a part of the booklet offers historical past info and dialogue of the basic points of flavonoids and carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy and demonstrates its major position within the revision of numerous past validated chemical constructions. It discusses a variety of one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopic options and different correct experimental methodologies for the translation of spectral information which allow person resonance traces to be linked to the suitable carbons in a molecule. the second one half offers a entire assurance of the carbon-13 chemical shifts of assorted sessions and subclasses of flavonoids. It additionally illustrates how one can make the most of carbon-13 facts to realize info for the decision of the character, quantity and placement of any substituent in flavonoids. very important details for the differential and entire constitution elucidation of a few of the periods of flavonoids by way of carbon-13 NMR defensive info is defined in-depth within the 3rd a part of the book.

The ebook could be welcomed by means of all these operating in ordinary product chemistry who will delight in the non-mathematical procedure and the truth that one of these wealth of theoretical and functional details has been assembled in one volume.

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